a band from minneapolis minnesota, formed in 1992 and still actively creating and performing music

news and contact via facebook or email to

julie plante- vocals/lyrics
neil mckay- guitars, drum programming
jeff leyda- bass guitar

cds are long sold out, but all of the band's available tracks are provided here for free. tracks are also available as digital downloads via itunes, amazon music, spotify, etc.

the hating tree, tess records, 1997

How It Came to Be This Way.mp3
A Waiting Time.mp3
Even Now.mp3
...Of Moondrop Tears.mp3
Desert Winds of Jezebel.mp3
The Well.mp3
The Hating Tree.mp3
Aria compilation, tess records 1998

Suffer the Wild Dogs.mp3
Seconds (Version II).mp3

Death for Life compilation, mere mortal productions, 1998

Lest We Forget.mp3

resistor - an electro dance compilation, nilaihah records, 2000

Still Breathing- (Exclusive Edit).mp3

return to the breath, tess records 2001

Still Breathing.mp3
The End Of The Line.mp3
Lullaby for Marguerite.mp3
All My Lovers.mp3
The Knowing.mp3
A Simple Truth.mp3
The Trip.mp3

a kiss in the reptile house compilation, shadowplay records, 2006

Before and After.mp3

autumn is finally scheduled to record a 3rd album with our good friend william faith in march of 2017. hopefully to be released at summer's end.